Why We Fight

Our Vision:

Save and Improve 5 Million lives by 2020

Mission Breakdown

Cover the Earth with Health Resources

To save and improve the lives of families who lack access to preventative health care and education.

Calling all Rotarians


AS A ROTARIAN ACTION GROUP (RAG), RFHA INVITES ROTARIANS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD TO JOIN THEM AND ENGAGE IN THE AIDS BATTLE. Any Rotarian interested in supporting Global Family Health including HIV/AIDS can review RFHA activities and be linked to global AIDS assistance efforts. A Rotarian Action Group or RAG is an association of Rotarians from around the world who are dedicated to a particular, unique area of service.  Members of a RAG conduct hands-on, global service projects that advance the objectives of Rotary International. Each RAG is officially approved and recognized by the RI Board of Directors, but functions independently of Rotary International and sets its own rules, dues requirement and administrative structure. Rotarian Action Groups shall be entitled to use the Rotary Marks, consistent with existing RI policy governing use of the marks. Rotarian Action Groups shall be entitled to communicate with the worldwide network of Rotary clubs, districts, and multi districts as per RI’s communication policy.

Over 1.2 Million Men, Women, and Children Provided Health Services Since 2011

Join the movement and together we'll save and improve 5 million lives