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Dear Rotarians from D9350, D9370 and D9400

On the “almost eve”  of the Rotary Family Health Days 2017, we would like to say a huge thank you to you all - the clubs and

Rotarians - who have tirelessly supported this wonderful Programme at all levels where together we are serving hundreds of

thousands people throughout South Africa, Africa and India.

We wish you a wonderful event spanning the three days from 3th to 5th October!  Whilst we may serve 100 000 people as

our target this year, we must not forget the wonderful relationships we are forming and bridges that we are building throughout

South Africa – in our communities and civil society, with the private sector, with Governments and many others.

Much is due to your efforts, belief, hard work and enthusiasm – thank you.

We are looking forward to seeing the pictures on facebook, tweets on twitter and stories on our website over the next week!

Let’s make this the best ever – warm regards


Sue Paget